Sempell gains certification

Sempell AG, a subsidiary of Tyco International (US) Inc. that manufactures valves for chemical and power plants, has been awarded ASME III qualification. Since nuclear power began to be put to commercial use in the early 1960s, Sempell has been supplying both standard and special valves complying with the most challenging requirements. Sempell valves are installed in all PWR and BWR built by Siemens/KWU today. With regard to the international market, a wide range of products has been delivered to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Ukraine and recently also to China. Almost without exception, the world market requires the use of ASME III codes. In order to meet these requirements, Sempell AG decided to acquire the ASME N and NPT stamp. Within nine months, Sempell fulfilled all the necessary conditions and in March 2003 was officially awarded this qualification. Before this successful conclusion, staff had to undergo extensive training by the FM/TÜV/BV, the German inspection agency. With the award of the N stamp, Sempell AG is now the only valve manufacturer within Tyco to be certified in accordance with both German and American regulations, and can thus supply its products to all nuclear power plants across the world.

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