Series SV solenoid valve

SMC Corporation has introduced the Series SV solenoid valve. The series features a modular design allowing modification of manifold stations by simply snapping them together. The design of pneumatic and electrical connections of the manifold provides a “Plug and Play” concept for building the manifolds. Rated IP65 and CE compliant, the valves are offered in both serial interface and parallel wiring configuration. The units are suitable for applications in semiconductor, food processing, automotive and metal working industries. The SV valves have a life expectancy of 50 million cycles and are offered in four sizes, SV1000, SV2000, SV3000, and SV4000 with flow capacity ranging from 0.23Cv to 1.6Cv. Dual 3 port valves in Series SV1000 and SV2000 allow individual control of A and B ports. Balaji Rao of SMC: “By connecting each manifold block with a pin connector, valve stations can be reconfigured simply by plugging and unplugging them.” For stackability, the units are available in two mounting options: a tie-rod configuration or a cassette configuration for use with DIN rails. Up to 20 stations can be stacked together in a block (18 for the SV1000 Cassette type). “The whole process of installing and modifying these valves is so easy it can be done by someone with little technical background” The SV manifolds come with both centralized and decentralized type Serial units. The EX500 decentralized Gateway/SI unit comes in DeviceNet, Profibus-DP and Remote I/O protocols. The gateway unit controls up to four branches with 32 I/O per branch and is IP65 rated. The EX250, centralized SI unit comes in DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CC-Link and As-I protocols with 64 I/O.

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