Severn Glocon valves for Jazan refinery

Severn Glocon have provided their 48” Severn Leeds butterfly valves, complete with full anti-cavitation trims for cooling water start up control for the new Jazan refinery in Saudi Arabia. The Jazan project is a grassroots facility with the anticipated capacity of dealing with 400,000 barrels per day, separating the crude oil into its constituent useable parts such as gasoline, diesel, etc.
To provide the high level of specification to the carry out this critical service effectively, the valves are fitted with anti-cavitation trims. The valves are operated by a QTRCO SG pneumatic spring to open the actuator, with a 316SS positioner and a closed loop breather system to protect the actuator internals from the corrosive effect of a hot saline costal atmosphere.
The valves have been designed with a special disc to prevent the formation of cavitation. This will help protect the valves and downstream pipework from damage. Additionally, the enhanced specification the valve body has a glass flake lining, which is resistant to localised high velocity and protects the body from the corrosive effects of the line fluid.
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