Severn Unival marketing agreement

Control valve aftermarket service company Severn Unival has signed an agreement to market and distribute the Softek Profiler PC-based valve diagnostic hardware and software system. This portable system enables valves with traditional analogue positioners and controls to be tuned and diagnosed as if they were equipped with “Smart” equipment. Softek is already an integral part of Severn Unival’s Performance Optimisation service, which uses the capabilities of the Profiler system to accurately tune and diagnose the performance of valves in the field. The collected data enables predictive maintenance to be planned with efficiency and economy by identifying which valves need major overhauls and which simply need in-situ instrument overhaul and calibration. As well as using Softek in its own valve maintenance programmes, Severn Unival can now sell and support the system in the UK, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Benelux, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Iran and Brunei under the terms of the new licence.
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