Severn’s approach to fugitive emissions reduction

In response to escalating pressure on operators to curb fugitive emissions across onshore and offshore assets, Severn acknowledges its pivotal role in fostering a climate-conscious world by addressing fugitive emissions from valves. Leveraging its expertise in severe service applications, Severn ensures the provision of the most suitable products for end-users.

Through insightful repair intelligence and close collaborations with operators, Severn has gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges surrounding the specification, procurement, and maintenance of critical Control, Choke, and Butterfly valves essential for fugitive emissions reduction in industrial settings. This concerted effort aims to optimize valve performance and reduce maintenance costs throughout the valve’s lifecycle.

Recognizing that approximately 60% of fugitive emissions originate from valves, with a significant portion (80%) attributed to stem/shaft seals, Severn directs its focus towards this area. Compliance with relative fugitive emissions standards such as API 622 and ISO 15848 underscores Severn’s commitment to addressing this challenge. Moreover, Severn’s proactive approach includes obtaining 43 different certificates for sealing systems in valves, tailored to diverse application requirements spanning up to 10,000 Psi and 425ºC. By employing a variety of materials ranging from filled graphite to custom PTFE-based compounds and innovative packing designs, Severn achieves tighter leakage rates previously unattainable with standard packing sets.

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