Shell announces the roll-out of 2,500 TWTG sensors

TWTG, the I-IoT hardware company based in Rotterdam, has delivered the first 2,500 NEON Vibration Sensors to Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam. TWTG, the Dutch I-IoT experts, are proud to have achieved this milestone, especially in the highly competitive landscape of LoRaWAN-based devices. Together with Sophie Winter, Shell’s Digital Change Lead, Nadine Herrwerth, Managing Director at TWTG, outlined a case study to the audience at StocExpo. Having tested various sensors, and piloted various other systems, Shell decided to purchase TWTG sensors, after considering features such as design and measuring accuracy.

The project demonstrates the benefits of condition-based asset monitoring to industrial sites. By detecting bearing faults on pumps or other rotating equipment early, customers can react to detailed information before any issues arise. This enables a reduction in downtime and can contribute to the elimination of potentially hazardous situations.

NEON Vibration Sensors will change how operators and engineers manage their rotating equipment, and Shell is eager to reap the benefits of this new TWTG device.

The TWTG NEON product range supports all industrial customers moving toward LoRaWAN as the Industrial IoT network of the future.

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