Siemens adds to its damper actuators

The Siemens Building Technologies Division is expanding its range of OpenAir damper actuators for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications with spring-return models with 4 Nm of torque. At the same time, new features are being added to conventional damper actuators with 2 Nm of torque.

With the new 4 Nm-torque spring-return actuators, building technologies can more finely scale air damper motorization, thus avoiding unnecessary and expensive over-motorization. Spring-return actuators are primarily used when spring force is needed to move de-energized air dampers into a defined fail-safe position.

The new conventional damper actuators with 2 Nm torque are now available for AC 230 V as well as AC/DC 24 V. This means greater flexibility and less effort during installation because no additional power supply needs to be installed, regardless of the controller’s specifications. Other variants with DC 0/2-10 V control signals for continuously modulating actuators and for non-modulating actuators with 2/3- positions open up new control options for damper actuators.

The modern air damper actuators of the OpenAir family are fast and easy to install due to the new one-screw shaft adapter.
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