SIL3 certified TORK pneumatic actuators

There are points to be considered in the selection of products to be used in production facilities in the chemical industry. SIL3 certified products are preferred especially in applications requiring safety such as the chemical industry. TORK products are also used safely in chemical industry applications that require safety with SIL 3 certificate. Thanks to the SIL3 certificate, TORK pneumatic actuators can be used in facilities covered by Seveso.

SIL is not just a structure covering a single product, it is a structure that ensures the probability of failure of the complete system. SIL3 certified TORK products are preferred in applications that require safety, since all risky components report the possibility of their own fault.

TORK pneumatic actuators received the SIL3 certificate as a result of the products working according to the scenario given by the supervisory institution in the temperature range ranging from -40 degrees to +90 degrees during the long test phase.

SIL 3 certified pneumatic actuators are especially used in the chemical, petrochemical and paint industries.

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