Silicon-free ball valve actuators

Nero Pipeline Connections introduces the features and specifications of its new range of ball valve actuators. The aluminium epoxy-coated actuators offer a working temperature range of -32ºC to +90ºC and are silicon-free.

These actuators are aluminium epoxy coated, with a -32C to 90C working temperature and single and double acting. It can withstand air, water or non aggressive fluids with torques from 17Nm to 2000Nm.

In sizing actuator needs using information on the company website, choose the valve required from the Ball Valves section. The relevant list will state if the chosen valve can be actuated e.g. a three-piece full bore BSP threaded ball valve, FBVX08. Check the torque figure shown and add 30% safety margin e.g. FBVX08 torque is 9Nm. Add 30% which gives 11.7Nm. Choose a single or double acting actuator and check the torque outputs against the pressure you have available e.g. a double-acting actuator with a 6-bar pressure. The chart shows a PW actuator will give 17Nm which is adequate to operate the FBVX08.

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