Sinter machine to China

Kvaerner PLC has been selected by Daqing Petroleum Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation, to provide a GBP 2 million lump sum contract for a sinter machine. Kvaerner’s office in Stockton, UK, will be responsible for the detailed engineering and supply of the sinter machine, with the provision of drawings to Daqing Petroleum to allow the local procurement and manufacture of certain structures and fabrications. The heavy castings and equipment such as the pallets, machine drive, sinter breaker and ignition hood burners will be supplied from the UK. The sinter machine will produce 200,000 tonnes per year of lightweight aggregate from pulverised fly ash. The sinter machine is being supplied for use with the coal-fired power station belonging to the Daqing Petroleum Company in the Heilongjiang Province of NE China. Coal-fired power stations produce pulverised fly ash, which is usually dumped as landfill. A more environmentally friendly and cost-effective method of disposal is to convert the pulverised fly ash into a lightweight aggregate by processing through a sinter plant. This end product is used in the manufacture of concrete and other building block materials.

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