SIPOS actuators pass stringent utility tests in Sã

SIPOS Aktorik’s electric actuators have announced that they have passed stringent field tests by Brazil’s largest water and wastewater service provider. As a result, the company’s actuation technology is being adopted by Sabesp for extensive valve control applications across the São Paulo region’s residential, commercial and industrial water and sewage services.
Sabesp subjected SIPOS’ products to over six month’s assessment in a region with high humidity and above average number of lightning strikes. The conditions led to phase loss of power supply with accompanying strong frequency variations and voltage fluctuations.
The state owned utility observed that SIPOS actuators offered reliable performance in the extreme weather and maintained functionality, even in the event of phase loss of power. Additionally, Sabesp noted that minimum spare parts are required, which eases the burden of engineers’ service missions to remote regions.
The technical and practical business skills of SIPOS’ local representative, WS Controles, were also noted by Sabesp.
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