SIPOS presents at Stuttgart Conference Series

SIPOS Aktorik, a member of the AUMA group and specialist in electric actuation, was invited to give a talk at the ‘Mensch und Computer 2015’ conference series organised by the University of Stuttgart. At the conference, which focussed on ‘humans and computers’, Peter Müller – head of Project Management for SIPOS, updated delegates on the creation of a hard and software interface for the new SIPOS SEVEN Profitron actuator.

Supported by Holger Schlemper, a Research Associate of the Usability Center at the Technical University of Nuremberg, Peter Müller described how SIPOS’ team of designers and software developers developed the new HMI interface. Müller highlighted the fact that the prime objective of the project was to produce an advanced, user friendly concept which enabled the clear display of functions with easy legibility in any installation position and individual configuration of languages.

Müller and Schlemper detailed the use of innovative engineering to produce the new actuator’s graphic display which was backed by technical mind maps, user surveys, focus group workshops and eye-tracking tests to enable SIPOS’ engineers and designers to visualise the user’s precise requirements.

SIPOS reports that, with the support of the Technical University of Nuremberg which collaborated in the joint development of the new operating concept, a breakthrough in electric actuation has been achieved. The result is advanced technology that is both an integral part of the product’s design and externally visible, offering practical benefits to users.

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