SIPOS sponsors lecture series

SIPOS Aktorik has sponsored a series of lectures which form part of an educational programme entitled ‘from force to energy’ at the Nuremberg Education Centre in Germany. Presentations endorsed by the electric actuator manufacturer were given on the scientific principles and technical applications of energy and its social integration.
A wide audience from the general public, businesses, University staff and students benefited from an educational overview of the history of energy science. Presentation content provided insights from the invention of antique machines through to steam engines and included influential researchers from the Nuremberg region: Ohm, Joule and Werner von Siemens. SIPOS reports that the programme was highly successful and that it was pleased to sponsor the educational initiative as it recognizes the importance of investing in tomorrow’s engineers.
A range of works were detailed with fundamental insights into energy conversion and conservation. Mayer, Joule and Helmholtz’s projects were referenced, along with Planck’s reasoning on quantum mechanics. Recent significant developments included on the lecture schedule were the topics of nuclear reactions in power plants (fission) and in the sun (fusion).
Dr Matthias Rebhan of SIPOS Aktorik supports education of the next generation of engineers
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