Sixty-five, but nowhere near retirement!

By David Sear and Mark Casey

Located in the north-west of Germany, the Emlichheim reservoir is part of Europe’s largest onshore oil field. Despite the challenging geological conditions, owners Wintershall have successfully maintained crude oil production at a stable level, thanks to the implementation of innovative technologies. Having already achieved a highly respectable sixty-five years of continuous operation, Wintershall are determined to achieve the magic hundred year mark. So much became clear during a recent press trip to Emlichheim, attended by many international journalists.

Armed with a videocamera and a notepad, Valve World’s Mark Casey and David Sear also went along to take a closer look at the valves used in the facility. You will find a report in an upcoming issue of Valve World magazine. However, as a ‘taster’, we have also prepared a video report of the entire day, plus a video interview with Operations Superintendent Dr Volker Riha.

General Impression
Staff at Wintershall really know how to prepare a press trip. As our report shows, the action-packed day included a press briefing, technical presentations on steam flooding and horizontal drilling, an exhaustive tour of the steam generating facility, a helicopter ride to show us the scope of the oil field and finally a trip to one of the drilling rigs. Moreover, all staff were quite willing and able to answer a barrage of questions.

Dr Volker Riha
We interviewed the Operations Superintendent Dr Volker Riha, who discussed the past, present and future of the Emlichheim operation, and revealed just how steam flooding can help maintain oil output.
Photo Report
During our trip, we kept a keen eye out for the valves being used. More details to follow in Valve World magazine, but check out what we saw here.
Further Reading
For more information on Wintershall:
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