Slurry knife gate valve

The DN65 (2.5″) ORBINOX ‘EX’ series Slurry Knife Gate Valve is destined for use as a control valve on an arduous process slurry application. Slurry knife gate valve technology was selected to replace a problematic ‘gate valve’ that had failed on numerous occasions and had been oversized relative to the flow control requirements, resulting in poor process control.

Based on the application, ORBINOX suggested the body, bonnet & trim in 316 s/steel material, with an EPDM resilient seat, offering a bubble-tight shut-off capability. The 60-degree V-port trim offers a characterized control function, to optimize the systems fluid dynamics. The valve will be fitted with a ROTORK IQ series multi-turn electric actuator, in accordance with the customers’ specifications. The graduated scale offers a visual position indication of the valves travels relative to the input signal.

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