SM Series Metering ball valves

Chemline Plastics has released its SM Series Metering Ball Valves 1/2in to 2in in solid plastics. They are designed for fine linear flow control of chemicals or clean fluids through 180 degrees rotation of the handle. The valves feature a solid ball with a special V-groove cut on the outside surface. Other features include union ends, full blocking design, double stem o-ring for safety and Teflon seats. The seats have elastomer cushions to provide low stem torques and automatic compensation for seat wear and expansion. The all-plastic construction (PVC or PP) offers high chemical resistance. Pressure rating for PVC valves is 230psi; PP is rated at 150psi. True Union socket end connections eliminate leakage problems common with threaded body valves. The SM Series is available with an electric actuator with onboard positioner.

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