SMAC’s new low-profile electric actuator

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has announced that its LPL30 low-profile electric linear moving coil actuators are being used by major manufacturers of dosing and filling machines in Asia and Europe.

The LPL30, introduced by SMAC earlier this year, is designed for speed, consistency, and repeatability, making it ideal for use in dosing and dispensing applications.

Repeatability is required for dosing and filling the process of distributing small quantities of a substance such as medication, perfume, food additives, or flavoring to ensure a consistent amount of material is dispensed every time.

Precision dosing of materials and fluids is traditionally done with diaphragm-operated valves operated by air valves and cylinders. The drawbacks with air-operated diaphragm valves include: a response variation of plus or minus 10-15 milliseconds, which can result in the dosing volume varying by 10%; a cycle rate 50% lower; they’re limited to a fixed speed and two positions; and a short lifecycle.

SMAC LPL30 actuators use a DC linear servo motor and offer programmable speed, force up to 70 newton, micron-level positioning, and a 30 mm pitch that is ideal for dosing and dispensing applications.

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