Small-bore subsea gate valve

Oliver Valvetek, specialists in subsea valve technology, has launched a new bore turn compact gate Valve for use on chemical injection and hydraulic line applications. Advantages claimed for the new concept include half-turn operation open to closed; easily operated by ROV or diver; visible position indication due to 180 operation; ultra-high-pressure rating – 17500 PSI; uninterrupted flow passage – full half-inch bore; low operating torque – less than 50 ft/lb; metal-to-metal sealing on gate to seat, seat to body and body to bonnet; designed to API 6A and API 17D standards and working depth 3000m; bonnet design allows four alternative stem positions to align with ROV docking panels; high torque to damage – 650 ft/lb. Further developments in this new product are already under way, including 3/8″ and 3/4″ bore sizes.

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