Smart gas valves to transform grills and pizza ovens

While pellet grills revolutionized the industry by bringing smart tech to grilling, other fuel types have caught on. Middleby’s brands brought it to charcoal with the Masterbuilt Gravity Series and the recently released Kamado Joe Konnected Joe.

It’s been a slower ascent for gas grills though. Unlike charcoal and pellet fueled grills, gas grills are still operated like they have been for decades. Each burner has a manual valve connected to a knob used to open and close it. This adjusts gas flow and the amount of flame used to produce heat.

There are evidences that are changing though. There have been multiple patents recently from Weber related to smart gas grills. They include ideas for control by wire (including on/off), as well as recipe advancement by a controller.

Char-Broil has been an early innovator in this space as well. They released the Cruise gas grill last year, which has a thermometer control, rather than a traditional know setup.

Smart gas valve technology isn’t limited to gas grills either. A smart valve can be used for other gas fueled products like pizza ovens and patio heaters.

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