Smart VPI

Netherlocks Safety Systems BV has designed a new universal mounting system to safely and securely fix valve position indicator switches onto handwheel-operated valves. The Smart VPI is made from stainless steel AISI 316, suitable for all applications both on and offshore. The patented design allows the mounting bracket to attach directly onto the valve stem without affecting the valve itself. The switchbox for the valve is then mounted onto the bracket with either DIN or ISO configurations. Here it is safely out of the way, not interfering with valve operation, but still securely fixed in place and with protected switches and wiring. In technical meetings with end-users, Netherlocks had been told that getting a reliable feedback signal was a common problem. The answer was to design a universal mounting system that could fit any existing valve and switchbox, whilst safely securing and protecting the critical equipment. The Smart VPI is the result, eliminating the traditional drawbacks with the avaliability if being universally mounted onto any valve to ensure a reliable valve position signal.
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