SMC launches solenoid valve

SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, has announced the release of the Series SV solenoid valve designed for electronic and general machinery manufacturers. The SV valves utilise cassette or tie-rod base manifolds, pin connectors and serial or parallel wiring. Series SV valves feature a 4-position dual 3-port layout with A and B ports individually controlled, are CE compliant, meet IP65 and IP67 dust and moisture resistant standards, and have a service life of at least 50 million cycles. Their greatest feature is simplicity of installation, control, and maintenance.
“The SV valves are truly plug-and-play. Installation and upgrading are literally a snap with the elimination of the traditional lead wire internal wiring in favor of pin type connectors, or, technically speaking, a serial interface” explains Balaji Rao, Senior Product Manager for SMC. “By connecting each manifold block with a pin connector, valve stations can be reconfigured simply by plugging and unplugging them. And the cassette type manifolds employ a DIN rail to support the blocks with a simple release lever that locks and unlocks
stations for sliding along the rail. The whole process of installing and modifying these valves is so easy it can be done by someone with little or no engineering background”.

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