SMC’s all-in-one electric actuators

SMC is known for its electric actuators and the EQ series of slide-type and rod-type actuators is its latest innovation.

The EQFS (slide type) and EQY (rod type) electric actuators feature a fully integrated controller for a simpler set-up. They are an easier-to-use, space-saving solution that saves energy while reducing CO2 emissions.

They are designed to overcome automation project challenges such as labour-intensive wiring, downsizing control cabinet space, reducing power demand, and eliminating time consuming programming and commissioning.

SMC is a global pneumatics provider that delivers automation solutions for a diverse customer base, offering more than 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations.

SMC Group Manager ANZ Integrated Solutions, Jozef Ceh said the latest addition to the company’s portfolio offers speed, accuracy, and control while boasting greater energy efficiency and exclusive free configuration software.

“The EQ series is ideal for a whole host of applications, including transfer, assembly, lifting, dispensing, pressing, and clamping. It is ideal for use in any automatic process where a higher degree of precision or control is required or where compressed air is not available,” he said.

“Customers can set up the actuator via a single screen in just three easy steps.”

The ‘set up operation mode’ allows customers to specify the stopping positions and define the speed, acceleration, and deceleration by entering numerical values into the specific fields or by cycle time.

“It is no more complex than controlling a two- or three-position solenoid valve, making it an easy to integrate solution,” Ceh says.

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