SMC’s new energy efficient VQC solenoid valves

SMC has launched two new designs of its VQC4000/5000 five port solenoid valves. These valves provide ultimate flexibility and cost savings in terms of energy conservation and operational life expectancy. Greater power efficiencies have been achieved due to a new V100 pilot valve which reduces consumption to as little as 0.4 W and improves the operating range to 1.0MPa. The new VQC5000 also delivers a flow rate up to 4350 l/min as standard, offering further flexibility in terms of applications.

These valves feature a built-in strainer in the flow supply passage which helps to prevent contamination from foreign matter and thereby extend the operating life of the solenoid valves.

Suitable for use in general industrial machinery, a new manual locking type removes the need for additional tools and complements the existing pilot valve overrides. SMC has also maintained some of the key features of the existing VQC Series, such as the connector type manifold which makes them so easy to handle. The addition of a single plug-in, base mounted unit offers further flexibility.

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