Smith Flow Control at World Nuclear Exhibition

Smith Flow Control will debut at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, France, on 28-30 June. The Company’s main exhibit will be the FlexiDrive remote valve operator. FlexiDrive can easily be adapted to suit any handwheel, or lever-operated valve in nuclear power plants.
FlexiDrive meets the strict safety guidelines and regulatory body requirements outlined by the nuclear industry. With the option of wall / floor and bulkhead penetration, the system prevents operators from being exposed to radioactive substances. FlexiDrive includes a new fully-integrated counter mechanism which displays the valve position (open / closed), providing the operator with a clear indication of the position from a safe vantage point. The system is capable of operating valves as far as 30 metres away and accommodating 540 degrees of bends in the cable run.
Smith Flow Control will also be showing its range of valve interlocks. Trapped key interlocks are simple, mechanical devices that can be customised to implement a safe sequence of operation in any process activity. They protect investment in plant and equipment, improve employee safety and reduce the risk of damage to the environment.
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