Smith Flow Control to exhibit valve safety products

Recognising the importance of reducing downtime and associated costs while safeguarding workers, Smith Flow Control’s valve safety products streamline valve processes in the Oil & Gas industry while ensuring operator safety.

Smith Flow Control (SFC) will showcase its range of mechanical interlocks and cost-effective valve management systems at ADIPEC 2015 in Abu Dhabi. This offers the chance for visitors to meet and discuss their valve operating problems with SFC experts, covering all aspects of process safety, valve interlocking and valve management.

SFC’s products greatly enhance safety, efficiency and reduce the scope for operator error and ensure safe continuous plant operation. Its range of key operated interlocks can also be customised to implement a safe sequence of events in any process activity.

Smith Flow Control will demonstrate its principal drive system that reduces work crew tasks to one man operations, the equivalent manpower of 5 men. EasiDrive is a cost effective, portable valve actuator; its continuous drive system allows an operator to easily open and close valves that require a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate. EasiDrive prevents injury and saves time and manpower, keeping plant processes running smoothly and delivering significant cost savings.

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