SOCAR selects Honeywell to upgrade refinery

Honeywell has announced that the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) will use a suite of Honeywell UOP technologies to modernise its oil refinery in Baku, Azerbaijan, to produce high-quality gasoline that meets stricter emission standards.

In addition to technology licensing, Honeywell UOP will provide basic engineering designs and a process revamp study for SOCAR. Honeywell UOP technologies licensed for the refinery include: UOP Penex™ process to produce benzene, aromatics or olefins-free isomerate; UOP Coker Naptha Hydrotreating process for purifying naphtha streams to produce a high-quality gasoline blend stock; UOP Merox™ process to treat naphtha feedstock to meet finished product specifications; UOP Ethermax™ process to convert isobutylene and methanol into a aromatics and benzene-free, high-octane MTBE blending agent; UOP Sulfide Oxidation process to convert refinery waste streams for treatment within the refinery’s water treatment facility and UOP Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) process technology to upgrade the existing fluid catalytic cracking unit to convert vacuum gas oil to gasoline and other distillate range products.

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