Sohar III supplies drinking water to Batinah Oman

The seawater desalination plant, Sohar III in Oman, supplies drinking water to an important coastal region in the Gulf of Oman, the Batinah plain. The Sohar III desalination plant contributes to reduce current bottlenecks in the drinking water sector of the region. Sohar SWRO Company L.C.C., a joint venture where Spanish EPC Valoriza Agua S.L., who participates with 51%, is in charge of the construction and the following operation of this reverse osmosis technology plant. InterApp’s high level of expertise, technical knowledge, and customer service, was a key factor to get the order and gain the trust of the customer to accomplish the production and supply of Desponia butterfly valves for the desalination plant. InterApp Valcom, S.A. produced and supplied all the Desponia butterfly valves, sizes from DN80 till DN1400 configurated with Stainless Steel and Duplex discs, EPDM liner certified for drinking water, as well as their corresponding operation by means of handlevers, gearboxes, double-acting pneumatic actuators and electric actuators – all those, considering, meeting, and fulfilling the numerous international standards and rules of the Sultanate of Oman. In addition, operational flexibility, minimization of energy consumption and plant availability had to be ensured.

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