Solenoid Controller

The 900R Solenoid Control Module, as developed by pinch valve manufacturer Acro Associates, makes a solenoid three to 10 times more power efficient than with other control techniques, a critical factor in battery-powered applications. The 900R contains a low-side FET power switch employing a pulse-width modulated (PWM) output, which conserves energy and reduces waste-heat production. The unit also features Acro’s exclusive “adaptive”
pulse and hold technology, which facilitates higher forces, longer strokes, and extended duty cycles by optimizing power consumption. Integrated microprocessors analyse load current for additional power savings and short-circuit protection. The 900R provides up to 5A of drive current, and the user interface consists of an opto-isolated differential input port that
can be directly wired to relays, transistor logic, digital I/O boards and PLCs, for high-performance applications. The solenoid controller reads continuous feedback from position sensors and monitors faults, and through the embedded circuitry in the driver, it is able to monitor and adjust to your system’s needs. The 900R is also protected against power reversal on its supply pins. The driver’s software is fully customisable allowing for optimum use in the most unique applications.

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