SRI ENERGY completes valve endurance testing

SRI ENERGY Inc., has completed the l endurance testing of its SUPRAM®DX Subsea gate valve.

SRI ENERGY’s subsea choke and kill valve was subjected to a test regimen designed by Diamond Offshore for use on their deepwater drillships currently working in the Gulf of Mexico. The endurance testing included 7500 cycles slurry testing with leak tests at every 500 cycles. Actual Dual block valve from Rig’s inventory was used. The testing was performed at Southwest Research Institute (SWRI). Halliburton drilling mud plus abrasive solids per class I sand slurry testing was completed, and 7500 cycles passed with no failure. The valve was greased every 500 cycles, using only 24 lbs. of grease for the entire 7500 cycles. Along with it low and high-pressure testing (300PSI & 15,000PSI) was also completed.

“Diamond Offshore is committed to safety and operational excellence,” said Jon Shoemaker, Senior Director of Subsea Well Control for Diamond Offshore. “As such, Diamond wanted to ensure the gate valve performed as designed in simulated field use prior to installing them on our drilling vessels. The test results met our expectations and we value the collaboration with SRI Energy.”

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