Stack gas flow measurement without moving parts

Torbar has introduced the SG3000 gas flow system to measure the mass flow of exhaust from chimneys and stacks up to 10m in diameter to help operators ensure that pollution levels are maintained within prescribed limits. The system is equipped with Torbar’s averaging pitot sensor to provide measurement across the full diameter of the stack, and it has integral pressure and temperature sensors in its single insertion. The system provides a timed power purge to clean contaminants from the sensing holes. Flow measurement of hot, corrosive and frequently abrasive media from chimneys is not easy since devices can become contaminated or corroded, and any sensor that does not cover the full diameter of the stack gives misleading results. The Torbar averaging pitot tube is a primary flow element with no moving parts and, to provide strength, it has a one-piece outer tube manufactured from exotic metals or 316 stainless steel. The system includes high quality air filter/regulator and solenoid valves and is CE marked.

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