Stainless metre/mix/dispense system

Sealant Equipment and Engineering has introduced the See-Flo 1100 system for manual structural bonding applications using high-viscosity, acrylic-based two-component epoxies.
Designed for manual applications, the See-Flo 1100 metre/mix/dispense system is portable, and can be easily moved from application to application. It ensures accurate metering and high-volume flow rates and controls all aspects of the dispensing process, continuously delivering air-free beads of precisely mixed material at a constant flow rate. The See-Flow 1100’s reciprocating design makes it ideal for wide-mix-ratio materials or materials with filled or abrasive components. The system’s wetted components are stainless steel, ensuring that the 1100 can be used with a broad range of adhesives. The See-Flo 1100 system includes a reciprocating positive-displacement metre, two 5-gallon ram-mounted material-supply pumps, power inlet and outlet valves, heated material-supply and dispense hoses and a trigger-actuated dispense valve with disposable No-Flush static mixers.

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