Stainless pressure reducing valve

Wandfluh has extended the proven pressure reducing valve with execution for use in very corrosive environments. It is made of stainless materials and coated with high-quality surface protection and can control volumes up to 80 l/min with up to 350 bar.

The pilot operated 3-way valve reduces the input pressure to adjustable output pressure. The pressure reducing valve regulates the output pressure largely independently of the input pressure. Rise of the outlet pressure above the set value, e.g. by an active consumer, is prevented by a pressure relief function that diverts the excess pressure to the third connection. With the pressure ranges 63, 160 and 350 bar, it can be adapted to the respective application requirements. The adjustment of the desired pressure can take place by means of a tool or by various control knobs. With the option “cover”, the adjustment can be protected against unauthorized access. The valve is available with the designation MV_PM22_K9. It is mainly used in areas with continually changing weather conditions or in the vicinity of the sea.

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