Stainless trap

With the release of the UFT14 stainless-steel ball float trap, Spirax Sarco has completed the launch of its comprehensive range of Quick-Fit steam trap range. The Quick-Fit system aims to cut maintenance costs, reduce steam system downtime and eliminate costly leakages from steam traps needing maintenance. Quick-Fit steam trapping stations cut the time to replace a steam trap from up to two hours to as little as four minutes. Traditionally, steam traps are welded or screwed into the pipeline and considerable work is needed to remove them for maintenance. Often this means that the trap is left in place until a planned system shutdown. If the trap is stuck open and passing live steam, considerable energy can be wasted; or if the trap is blocked, process efficiency can be affected. The Quick-Fit system uses a PC pipeline connector rated at up to 42bar(g). The connector is a single component permanently installed in the pipeline and can incorporate piston valves to isolate the steam supply to the trap. The steam trap is secured to the PC connector by two bolts that can be quickly removed to replace the trap. Optional bypass valves can also be fitted to the PC connector to maintain steam supply during maintenance. A further advantage of the Quick-Fit system is its compact size allowing it to be fitted into areas too small to accommodate traditional steam trapping stations comprising separate components. Furthermore, the Quick-Fit system is factory built and guaranteed to have zero emissions. The use of stainless steel makes them suitable for clean steam and filtered applications such as hospital sterilisers, dairy production, food and drinks processing and some pharmaceutical plants.

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