Stainless valve hinders vandalism

Stainless steel V-Safe Safety specialist Castell Iso-Lok has introduced a stainless-steel version of its V-Safe valve cover, offering greater safety and security. This device secures the regulation of liquids and gases by enclosing wheel operated valves, protecting against inadvertent or unauthorised operation and ensuring that potentially hazardous maintenance can be carried out safely. Available with either a highly visible yellow polyester resin coat or in a high polish, natural stainless steel finish, the “Tamper Proof Cover” comes in four different sizes, to fit wheel diameters from 100 up to 350mm. It consists of two hinged half-moons with a multi-hole padlocking facility. Perforations in the edges reduce weight and prevent the build up of fugitive emissions. When locked, the cover completely encloses a valve handwheel, making operation impossible, ensuring that essential valve operations can only be carried out by authorised personnel. When used as a maintenance lock-out up to seven padlocks can be fitted at one time and valve operation can only be restored once all personnel have completed their work and removed their padlocks.

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