Steel River awarded pipeline construction contract

Steel River Group Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Steel River Solutions (SRS), was named as the Prime Contractor for “Spread B”, a 65 km section of Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure’s (TWM) (Tidewater) 120 km Pioneer Natural Gas Pipeline Project. The project kicked off in December and is expected to employ up to 300 people at its peak, which is scheduled to continue through the first quarter of 2019.

The 20-inch diameter pipeline construction project was awarded through a competitive bidding process, where SRS demonstrated its technical capabilities and aptitudes in all areas of project execution. Steel River Group also credits its unique Indigenous inclusion ecosystem model as an important factor that led to the success of the bid.

“SRG uses its expertise in construction as a vessel to empower indigenous communities and individuals. The goal of our approach is to build capacity and strengthen competency within Indigenous alliances and communities. The success of our bid shows that our model works,” said indigenous entrepreneur Trent Fequet, Steel River Group’s Founder & CEO.

SRG’s ecosystem model is premised around creating alignment between three critical groups – Steel River companies; Indigenous communities; and alliance partners. The Company brings these entities together over a shared vision and common goals and facilitates agreements, partnerships and new subsidiary companies to build capacity and strengthen competency. As a management entity, SRG provides corporate governance, structure, and supports its own group of companies.

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