StoneL announces wireless technology

StoneL®, one of the leaders in valve communication and control, has announced wireless technology that enables users to remotely set limit switches, operates solenoids (if unlocked) check diagnostic parameters, and store tag and automated valve information.

When using the Axiom or Prism discrete valve controllers with wireless link capability users may directly monitor, control and store critical information from up to 50 meters, saving time and preventing staff from endangering themselves. A conventional iPhone or iPad is used with the StoneL Wireless Link app eliminating specialized, costly hand-helds and making changes intuitive. Security is assured with special lock-out provisions.

With the new patent-pending StoneL wireless link app maintenance staff can remotely: Monitor and set open and closed limit switch positions, Monitor and set the network address and baud rate, Operate solenoid valve(s), if network- or power supply-enabled, Identify model and serial number (preset from factory), Identify valve automation components (entered by valve supplier), Log maintenance information, Monitor diagnostics (valve cycle count, electronics temperature, and more). and Directly access installation and maintenance manuals.

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