Stuffing box gasket

The company ARCA Regler GmbH (Tönisvorst, Germany) has been granted a patent for a method of tightening a stuffing box gasket for control valves. Sometimes self-sealing stuffing boxes cannot be implemented due to varying operating reasons. In this case process engineers can use this new procedure and device to adjust the stuffing box packing safely to a given level. When tightening conventional stuffing boxes the torque can usually not be converted totally into preload force. The reliable ARCA method however secures not only optimal thightening of the stuffing box packing, but also allows experiments with different operating conditions. Because of the possibility to reproduce the preload forces the experiments provide significant and informative results. Friction differences between stuffing box and stuffing box nut or packing respectively cause with traditional stuffing boxes when tightening the nut a turning of the stuffing box at the packing side. This can create damage or tearing open of the packing. Therefore the stuffing box has to be individually adapted by the fitter, which is rather expensive and problematic. With the patented ARCA method only axial forces in load direction act on the stuffing box. This prevents the occurrence of friction forces. The stuffing box is pressed axially by means of a pressing device against the stuffing box packing and is fixed in the final position by a holding device. The actuator of the valve is used as pressing device. The axial forces of the existing actuator make a separate pressing device unnecessary.

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