Support for HART field devices

Foxboro Automation Systems, a unit of Invensys, has introduced Field Device Tool (FDT)-based software tools that open up new HART capabilities for I/A Series system users. These new FDT-enabled HART capabilities include a common, productivity-enhancing configuration, diagnostic, and support environment across all HART field instrumentation, FoxCom field devices, and – in the near future – all FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. A wide variety of increasingly more capable software applications from Foxboro, other instrument vendors, and third parties can now be plugged right into the I/A Series automation system to help speed instrument configuration, simplify support, and maximise instrument utilisation. Real-time device data from HART and other intelligent field instrumentation can now be passed up through the I/A Series system into Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) packages, such as Invensys’s own Avantis software, to support advanced, condition-based predictive monitoring and maintenance; as well as conventional EAM functions. The latter includes preventive maintenance, materials management, supply chain management, and work order management.

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