Survitec unveils new safety device

Survitec has introduced a new energy containment safety device designed to mitigate risks associated with catastrophic valve actuator failures. The high-pressure spring-loaded actuator failures can cause severe injury or death and significant damage to equipment and facilities.

Regular inspection and maintenance are often neglected, and the risks have not received much technological or regulatory attention.

The Survitec Gauntlet is compatible with all valve actuator types. It is a protective sleeve made from lightweight para-aramid armouring, which is ten times as strong as steel. This design aims to contain the forces unleashed during a failure.

Lloyd’s Register has technically qualified the Survitec Gauntlet, providing immediate containment protection and enhancing safety measures. It adds minimal weight to the actuator, avoiding additional stress, and protects the actuator’s components from corrosion and degradation.

Survitec has supplied the Gauntlet to many operators, including major companies in the North Sea. The company has also received an order from a Spanish oil and gas operator.

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