SVS £4m new service centre fit for royalty

Specialist Valve Services (SVS) is targeting further growth in new markets after a GBP 4M investment in the expansion of its Aberdeenshire headquarters. The firm has just this week celebrated the official opening of a new service centre next to its existing offices.

Co-owner and managing director Gerry Henry said some clients who had already visited the facility were not previously aware of the company’s service and repair capabilities.
It is hoped the new facility, opened by the Duke of Gloucester, cousin to the late Queen, will help many more existing and potential clients get to know more about the business.
SVS was founded in 1998 by Mr Henry and Dennis Kealey, who has long since retired.
The business is now co-owned by Mr Henry and his wife, Elizabeth.

It has traditionally focused on the supply of valves, actuators – mechanical parts of a machine or system which provide movement – and ancillary equipment for clients in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

This was initially in the UK but the company later expanded to a global client base.
Growth over the years has been steady, despite challenges, and the firm is now eyeing opportunities in sectors including liquefied natural gas, renewable energy, and pharmaceuticals.
SVS currently employs 30 people but the firm is looking to take on a few more machinists and technicians following its investment in the new service centre.
Mr Henry Snr is also keen to do his bit for skilling up the future workforce by getting more apprentices involved.

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