Swagelok actuators for ball valves

New Swagelok® ISO 5211-compliant actuators are available factory assembled to a broad range of Swagelok ball valves or in kits for field assembly. Factory assembled actuators are available with ATEX certification. These dual rack and pinion actuators offer a compact design and meet industry standards for interface: ISO 5211, NAMUR, and VDI/VDE 3845. Spring-return and double-acting modes are available. Complete actuated ball valve assemblies include actuators, sensors, bracket kits, solenoids, and a choice of the following Swagelok ball valves: 40G series one-piece instrumentation ball valves. The valves feature working pressures up to 3000psig and temperatures from -65 to 300F; AFS 2-way ball valves. The valves feature working pressures up to 6000psig at 250F and flow coefficients from 4.0 to 13.8; 40 series instrument one-piece body ball valves; 60 series general purpose and special application ball valves; and 80 series instrument three-piece body ball valves.
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