Swagelok honoured

Commander Jon Merritt RN has presented an HMS Ramsey ship plaque to Swagelok Bristol and Swagelok Ltd associates in recognition of their quick and expert response in assisting in an emergency upgrade for the ship’s high-pressure air system whilst on deployment recently. The valves used in the technical rescue operation were manufactured at Swagelok Ltd on the Isle of Man. While on assignment HMS Ramsey suffered a significant system failure, which could have posed serious risk of injury to personnel onboard. Swagelok Bristol, an authorised Swagelok sales and service centre, was called in to evaluate the requirements for a technical solution under strict time constraints. In just over two weeks, the Swagelok team identified and sourced the products needed to carry out the repairs, facilitated installation and training for the ship’s staff and oversaw the final inspection, before handing over the functioning system to the Ministry of Defence. HMS Ramsey is the tenth of the Sandown Class of Single Role Minehunters to enter service and the third Royal Navy ship to bear the name. The ship was launched by Lady Alynne Dunt on 25 November 1999 and was accepted by the Royal Navy on 26 July 2000. HMS Ramsey has a ship’s company of 5 Officers, 7 Senior Ratings and 22 Junior Ratings. HMS Ramsey is affiliated to the town of Ramsey on the Isle of Man.
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