T.D Williamson enhances training efforts

T.D. Williamson (TDW) announced that the second class of new engineering recruits has been inducted into the company’s Engineering Development Program (EDP). The program offers a broad range of training and development opportunities for new employees hired to work in engineering roles. TDW launched the program in 2009, offering nine engineers the opportunity to participate in the two-year program. They now work in a variety of roles across the company’s range of pipeline services in the United States, Belgium, and Norway.
The participants receive an in-depth introduction to TDW history, culture, and core values, then rotate through a variety of disciplines, including sustainable engineering, operational engineering, and research and development. Depending on the individual’s career track, each participant also receives in-depth training in the company’s special services that range from hot tapping and STOPPLE® Train pipeline interventions to inline inspection, SmartPlug® pipeline pressure isolation services, and Emergency Pipeline Repair System development. To achieve this, they spend time in the classroom, as well as on the workshop floor and in the field.  
The nine members of the second class completed an eight-week orientation program at the TDW global headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahomaand are now progressing through the next phase of the 24-month intensive technical development program.
As they advance each engineer trainee is required to work offshore alongside experienced crewmembersin the North Sea or The Netherlands or even on a helicopter traveling to work offshore Malaysia or Australia or the Gulf of Mexico.
Currently, a contingent of the second EDP class is receiving training in offshore services at the TDW Center of Excellence for offshore in Stavanger. Elsewhere, other EDP participants are receiving training in Brazil and North America.

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