Taking motorized valve control to the next level

Danfoss ICAD B is designed for a wide range of applications and includes several features to maximize reliability in harsh environments. The mounting mechanism has a fully hermetic design, so you get a tight seal between the ICAD and ICM. This prevents moisture or humidity from penetrating the seal. The coupling doesn’t need grease or additional materials, which also eliminates the need for maintenance or cleaning. The new mounting design is also easier for installers to work with, as they only need to use two screws for mounting. The coupling can also be positioned in any direction. And installers can rest easy, knowing the new design has been thoroughly tested in all conditions. The Danfoss development team has extensively tested and validated the new design over extended periods of time, both in the lab and in the field. And the results were that it performed flawlessly every time.

The next pain point on the list was the time required for installers to set up and maintain motorized valves. Here, the Danfoss team tapped into the latest digital technology to make life easier for installers. The ICAD B comes with its own smartphone app that enables installers and operators to access all valve functions remotely. The app includes a quick set-up wizard, a self-diagnostics tool, and support for preventative maintenance scheduling. The smartphone app is a real game-changer and will help industrial refrigeration professionals to ensure continuous, trouble-free operations for their customers, without having to climb the valve.

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