Testing aircraft hydraulic systems

Worldwide, aircraft are serviced on highly specialised facilities and tested by especially equipped test benches. Such systems require particularly reliable couplings made of virtually wear-free materials in an endurable design. A typical application example is the test of flow control valves that are often used in civil aviation, e.g., in air-conditioning systems of larger passenger planes.

Such flow control valves are not only made of electronic, but also of pneumatic components, which have to be tested regularly. This is the only way for a pilot to adjust the status of a valve safely and to monitor it in the cockpit. For testing the flow control valves, the hydraulic lines are connected via WALTHER couplings. By monitoring the air pressure differences, the pilot can test whether all functions remain inside allowable limits. Also, other components and functions are examined on flexible test benches for different test connections and nominal widths. For this purpose, not only air, but also Skydrol or other media with pressures up to 300bar are used to test the hydraulic systems.

The broad range of WALTHER offers robust, safe and – on request – non-interchangeable connections for all nominal diameters. For a safer handling, WALTHER has introduced coloured markings to indicate if a coupling is safely locked.

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