The new generation of innovative safety valves

The German specialist for plastic line valves Richter Chemie-Technik will introduce a new version of the successful KSE series. The KSE 3.0 will meet all the newly increased requirements imposed on safety valves handling corrosive, toxic, and high-purity liquids. The KSE series has been trusted for six decades.

The KSE 3.0 plastic-lined safety valve bundles the safety awareness and expertise of the Kempen-based pump and valve specialists to optimize flow and simplify design for easier storage and assembly. The valve’s performance will enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness over time. This safety valve is suitable for highly explosive gases, vapors, and liquids. A specialized KSE-C version is available for chlor-alkali applications. The design goals for the KSE 3.0 safety valve were derived from a Voice of Customer process. It incorporated the increasing demands of the international valve market as well as feedback from Richter’s long-term customers. The inlet and outlet geometries, known as the leg dimensions, are the same as those in the previous model, ensuring a smooth replacement process.

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