The shut-off LUG butterfly valve from Brandoni

The shut-off LUG Butterfly Valve from Brandoni is designed for high-pressure applications. Made from high-quality materials and conforming with EN ISO 9001 regulations, this valve is primarily used in heating and conditioning (HVAC) services.
One of the key features of the Butterfly Valve from Brandoni is its compact design, which allows for easy installation and maintenance.
The valves are designed with a full port, which ensures maximum flow capacity and minimal pressure drop, making them ideal for use in high-flow applications.
The Butterfly Valves are available in various configurations, including ball, gate, globe, and check valves. Each configuration is designed to meet specific application requirements, such as flow control, isolation, or backflow prevention.
In addition to their high-quality design and construction, the shut-off LUG Butterfly Valves are also tested and certified to meet a range of standards.
These include, Rated PN16 up to DN400 and Rated PN10 from DN450 to DN600. And complies with 97/23/CE (PED) Directive CE 1115. This ensures the valves suit various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation.

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