Tomoe lightweight butterfly valves

Tomoe, a manufacturer of butterfly valves and actuators, has introduced the new 773Z, a super lightweight butterfly valve. Tomoe has developed this light weight butterfly valve for all applications in food processing, swimming pools, chemical processing, power generation, marine, automotive, sugar refining, brewing, water treatment, chemicals and HVAC. The super lightweight construction is possible due to the aluminium die-cast body and the thermo-plastic top plate. Improved anti-condensation capability is also achieved by using a high performance engineered plastic column. This also provides low water absorption, high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, non-flammability as well as shock resistance. Tomoe has incorporated a new ribbed disc design into the 773Z. The design of the new stainless steel disc is based on a disc pattern incorporating a series of ribs on opposite and opposing faces of the disk. This enables a thinner disc section to be used leading to a reduction in the effects of cavitation by breaking up the flow into thinner “jet streams” thus dissipating the energy over a greater number of ”jet streams”.

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