Total Lockout’s portable valve actuators

Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd have increased their range of portable valve actuators to include a pedestal mounted drive tool for operating valves located below ground.

In the water industry, it is common for valves to be located below ground, often below access areas and roadways. Standard procedure is to operate these valves with a T-bar valve key. Such handles are not ergonomically designed and can be difficult to use, especially if the valve is difficult to operate, or has a high number of turns from open to closed. There is a risk of personal strain injury and fatigue.

Italian manufacturer F.Lli Scapin have produced two new products to deal with these operational issues. The RPM100N incorporates a pedestal mounted reduction bevel gearbox complete with manual cranking handle. The RPM300N is adapted to use their portable power drive tools including APB45N cordless battery valve driver and APS100N and APS140N petrol motor portable drive tools.

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