Total Valve announces LiftTrack 2.0

Total Valve is proud to announce the LiftTrack™ 2.0, the new patented Pressure Safety Valve lift event indicator, allowing customers to capture data on the various lift events that occur within a safety valve. The LiftTrack™ 2.0 device is connected to the valve system and detects all lift events within each connected valve wirelessly, and also has the option to record acoustic outlet data or temperature coupled with the lift events. The mechanism records data on lift events and stores the information, which can be viewed in the Total Valve App so customers can better understand the PSV and overall system reliability.
Capable of tracking multiple safety valves at a time, the LiftTrack™ 2.0 allows you to see what time the lift event occurred and track how long the safety valve was open, helping you mitigate the environmental release from each valve. No more guessing which valve lifted or needs service. The LiftTrack™ 2.0 and the Total Valve App will give you real-time information on what occurred. With 24/7 monitoring capabilities, there are no longer any missed lift events. This system is designed to work with relief valves, pressure vacuum relief valves, and other specialty relief valve systems.

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